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  1. the most fertile man
    Nick Cannon Says He’s Considering a Vasectomy“I ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely.”
  2. science
    LEAVE HER ALONE!!Scientists have proposed sending a bunch of the sperm to the moon. Has she not been through enough?
  3. science of us
    Why Is Everybody Freaking Out About Sperm Counts?The new penis panic says a lot more about male anxiety than fertility.
  4. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Didn’t Expect Using a Known Sperm Donor to Be So HardThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  5. semen
    An iPhone Microscope Attachment Could Help Men Test Their Sperm Count at HomeNew frontiers in fertility.
  6. backup plans
    Olympian Reminds World That Preventing Zika Isn’t Only a Woman’s JobBritish long jumper Greg Rutherford is going to have his sperm frozen.
  7. balls
    Rude Male Sperm Giving Zika to WomenMale privilege extends to testicles, it seems.
  8. trading in cliches
    22 Ways to Show Sex Without Actually Showing ItDon’t worry; they’re definitely SFW.
  9. battle of the sperm
    ‘Kamikaze Sperm’: Fighting Off Rivals?They build traps and barricades with their tails.
  10. fertility
    Sperm Crisis in Israel?Experts blame overexposure to estrogen.