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Spider Man

  1. spider-couple
    A Brief History of Zendaya and Tom Holland Flirting PubliclyThey’ve reached the “walking with coffee mugs” stage.
  2. awards season
    Tom Holland Is Coming for That Oscar… Host“Of course I would host the f—ing Oscars!”
  3. spoilers
    Kim Kardashian West Is the Real Spider-Man VillainThis is what happens when you post Marvel spoilers on Instagram.
  4. spider-man
    This Sparks JoyTom Holland and Zendaya posed for photos together, and I am much too happy about it.
  5. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Andrew Garfield, IRL Spider-Man ImpersonatorHe showed up at a kids’ charity in full costume.
  6. perils of fame
    Paparazzi Spoiling Emma Stone’s Good Times in L.A.Snap, snap.
  7. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Andrew Garfield Captured Mid-LaughWith Emma Stone’s floating eyeball behind him.
  8. cover girls
    Here’s Emma Stone in Nina Ricci on Vogue’s July CoverShe’s blonde and wearing lots of black eyeliner.