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  1. working it out
    Code-Switching Has No Place at This Bed-Stuy Spin Studio“Wellness is a place where you should be able to bring your most authentic self because you’re healing.”
  2. niche drama
    This Spin Studio Is ‘Terrorizing’ Anyone Who Gives Them a Negative Yelp ReviewSome of Rhythm Ryde’s choice words include, “I can assure you; you are not a frequent spinner!”
  3. wellness theories
    Taylor Schilling on Why Authenticity, Honesty, and Muffins Are Keys to Wellness“When I spent a lot of energy trying to manipulate my outside, there wasn’t a lot of energy left over.”
  4. wellness theories
    Seth Meyers on Skin Care, Spinning, and That Time He Tried Cupping“I would like to spin in a dark room where no one was talking to me.”
  5. i wanna know what love is
    Ashley Olsen Takes New Boyfriend for a Spin (Class)Flywheel is for lovers.
  6. Wellness Theories
    Alyssa Milano on Football, Spinning, and Why She Hates Eating AloneThe mom of two young kids says wellness is a balancing act.
  7. swellness
    How to Prevent the Most Common Boutique-Fitness InjuriesFrom spinning, the treadmill, yoga, CrossFit, and dance cardio.
  8. the exercist
    How I Found Love in a Sweaty Hole-in-the-WallAn ode to SoulCycle.
  9. an american in paris
    In France, Spin Class Is a Laid-back ExperienceAnd it comes with Evian. 
  10. fitness
    SoulCycle Plans Its Continued ConquestThe fitness cult’s founders have their eyes on Riccardo Tisci collaborations and London real estate.
  11. spinning
    Meet the New SoulCycle CompetitorsGive these a spin.
  12. cut chat room
    Working Out in a Strapless Push-Up Bra: Insane?A discussion of Amanda Bynes’s spin-class attire.
  13. lists
    Things That Cause Orgasms in Females, According to the InternetPeeing, yawning, sitting, thinking.