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  1. You’ll Soon Get to Keep Up With Kylie Jenner on Her Very Own Spinoff ShowLife With Kylie debuts in eight parts this summer.
  2. spinoffs
    E! Orders Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna SpinoffSix hours of true unscripted love.
  3. spinoffs
    The Sand Snakes From Game of Thrones Deserve Their Own Spinoff ShowUnbowed, unbent, unbroken.
  4. the twilight zoe
    Who Will Play Rachel Zoe in Her New ‘Fictional’ Show?Kate Hudson? Leighton Meester? Anyone from Gossip Girl?
  5. spinoffs
    Here’s a Fashion Spinoff of ‘Sh-t Girls Say’ That’s Actually FunnyCalled “Sh-t OscarPRGirl Says.”
  6. spinoffs
    Coach President Krakoff to Launch Signature Line for BrandThe luxe label is set to expand, with a namesake line for its president.
  7. over the hills
    MTV Picks Up Whitney Port’s ‘Hills’ SpinoffThe show about her new life in New York working at DVF will begin airing early next year.