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  1. Amber Heard and Elon Musk Have Reportedly SplitThey had been dating for a year.
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    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Announce Their Separation“We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed.”
  3. Heartbreak Looks a Lot Like Drug Withdrawal in the Brain“The same areas of the brain that were active in the brains of cocaine addicts were active in these people who were heartbroken.”
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    Your Partner’s Weird Family Is Not Necessarily a Deal-BreakerA new book argues that the seemingly obvious traits people say they want in a partner are exactly the ones that deserve more careful thought.
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    Let’s Stop Treating the Divorce Rate Like the Crime Rate“We don’t know … if we’re measuring a problem, or some kind of healthy churning.”
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    What Does ‘Closure’ Even Mean, Anyway?The science of moving on.
  7. How Dogs React When Their Humans Break UpYou’re in this together.
  8. Being Mindful Makes You Less Likely to Screw Up Your RelationshipIt helps to be “aware of, and then cope constructively with, negative reactions to challenging relationship experiences.”
  9. Remarriage Is the New American MarriageForty percent of weddings have somebody who’s tied the knot before.
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    How a Breakup Distorts Your Sense of Self“Self-expansion theory” helps explain why the end of a relationship can feel so psychologically unsettling.
  11. Psychologists Explain Why Ikea Is a Relationship Death-TrapHow do you say “I hate you” in Swedish?
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    Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Have Split Up, But Maybe NotCrazy train reportedly derails.
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    Dunzo: Daisy Lowe and Mark RonsonOur favorite model-D.J. couple broke up, possibly during New York Fashion Week.