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  1. yellowjackets
    A Scaredy-Pants Spoiler Guide to Yellowjackets Season TwoThe girlies are blood sacrificing.
  2. spoilers
    Kim Kardashian West Is the Real Spider-Man VillainThis is what happens when you post Marvel spoilers on Instagram.
  3. spoilers
    Lena Headey Weighs in on Cersei’s Fate in Game of Thrones’ Penultimate EpisodeAccording to the actress, her initial reaction was “mixed.”
  4. spoilers
    Donald Trump Spoiled His Daughter-in-Law’s Pregnancy AnnouncementHe “couldn’t help it.”
  5. Most People Would Rather Be Surprised About Their Lives Than See the FutureNo spoilers.
  6. If You Hate Spoilers, It May Be Because You’re Soooo SmartA new study offers up a pretty solid humblebrag.