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Spongebob Squarepants

  1. People Are Using Eye Makeup to Turn Their Faces Into Viral MemesFrom SaltBae to Hurt Bae.
  2. the hit list
    19 Glorious Moments From the End of New York Fashion WeekIt went out with a bang.
  3. things that make you go zoom
    To Discuss: Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis’s SpeedosHEARTS.
  4. loose threads
    Stella McCartney to Make Vegan Shoes With Morrissey; Daisy Lowe Up For Model of the YearAlso, Catherine McNeil is back and on the cover of Australian ‘Vogue.’
  5. spicy dish
    Posh Is Going on SpongeBob SquarePantsShe plays a posh British princess and scriptwriters say she’s a natural.