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    Dior Celebrates Halloween With Spooky Bella Hadid FilmBlood-red lipstick and shiny black nails.
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    All the Ways The Haunting of Hill House Will Make You Pee Your Pants a LittleAHHHHHH!!!!!
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    The 9 Best Horror-Movie Wikipedia Pages (According to People Who Read Them)Because this is what you do when you’re too afraid to watch the actual movie.
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    Behold the Horrors of White House HalloweenIncluding Betsy DeVos dressed up as Ms. Frizzle.
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    Wait, Does Andrew Cuomo Think the Governor’s Mansion Is Haunted?Former governor David Paterson certainly thinks so.
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    Dust Off Your Finest Velvet for World Goth DayEvery day is Halloween if you want it to be.
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    Is Ghost Hunting Officially a Celebrity Trend? Tinashe also communes with the spirit world.
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    I Went Drunk Ghost-Hunting and the Only Spirit I Met Was Wine“Any ghosts wanna party with us?”
  9. David Lynch Inspired Kenzo’s Eerie New CampaignDisembodied limbs are involved, obviously.
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    Chloë Sevigny Is Really SpookyWatch her in “The Beckoning.”