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  1. spotify wrapped
    Are You a Cambridge, a Berkeley, or a Burlington?Spotify Wrapped will tell you.
  2. harry and meghan
    Prince Harry and Meghan’s Spotify SplitNew details allege a messier picture of the former podcast partnership.
  3. podcasts
    People Will Accuse Meghan Markle of Lying About AnythingCommenters have decided she made up a story about fearing for her child’s safety.
  4. culture
    #DeleteSpotify Reaches Harry and MeghanPrince Harry and Meghan Markle “express concerns” about Spotify’s COVID-misinformation policies.
  5. honesty
    Your Spotify Wrapped Is Embarrassing, and I Want to See ItDon’t worry — mine is probably worse!
  6. Dax Shepard Has Entered the Girls’ Group Chat, and We Love ItIt’s time for you to become an Armcherry. (We’ll explain.)
  7. #metoo
    R. Kelly Isn’t the Only Artist Spotify Should PenalizeWhen will music finally have its #MeToo moment?
  8. r kelly
    Spotify Will No Longer Promote R. Kelly on Its PlaylistsHe has been found in violation of Spotify’s new Hate Content and Hateful Conduct policies.
  9. stans
    Taylor Swift Loves Listening to Taylor SwiftDon’t we all?
  10. let’s makeup
    You Can Now Buy Lipstick on SpotifyLipstick to go with your streaming.
  11. swellness
    Listen to the Cut’s Yoga Playlist 2016Flow to Rihanna and Feist.
  12. swellness
    Hear the Cut’s Meditation Playlist on SpotifyAmbient sounds to tune out the patriarchy.
  13. Rodarte Soundtracked Your California Road TripTo launch its collaboration with & Other Stories.
  14. summer soundtrack
    Spotify and Armani Partnered on an AppTime for summer playlists. 
  15. tunes of the screw
    Big Surprise, You Guys Like Boning to Moody Indie MusicSpotify released the most-popular songs included on “sex” music playlists. 
  16. modern fears
    The Six Major Anxieties of Social MediaForty-two percent of mothers experience “Pinterest stress.”
  17. this is the story of the hurricane
    Kate Moss, Yeezy, and Playlists for Sandy ReliefBid on famous people’s stuff (for a good cause!) while you listen to “No Diggity.”
  18. holidaze
    Polyphonic Spree’s Stylish, Indie Christmas PlaylistNot-at-all-ironic holiday cheer from the band that draws an ironically discerning crowd annually at their December tour.