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Spray Tan

  1. bronzed beauties
    Bradley Cooper Got Self-Tanned Every Single Day for A Star Is BornThe only way to get a true “cowboy complexion.”
  2. keeping up with the kardashians
    The One Thing Khloe Kardashian Hates to Talk AboutWe found her interview kryptonite. 
  3. advice
    Mindy Kaling’s Book Is Full of Beauty WisdomSix of our favorite insights.
  4. tough life
    The Ten Beauty Sacrifices We Continue to MakeLooking great: With every upside, there is a downside.
  5. beauty secrets
    Report: Romney Spray-TansJust like his friend Snooki.
  6. beauty marks
    Now Spray Tans Might Cause Cancer, TooA new study could prove that the DHA chemical in spray tans is bad.
  7. sleep or spray-tan?
    Women in New York Do Not Let Sleep, Long Work Hours, or Husbands Get in the Way of Their Spray TanningWhich is why aestheticians are now making house calls at 6 a.m.