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  1. new york fugging city
    We Would Give Anything to Fug Clive OwenTurns out there’s something to be said for making a late entrance. In the past, we may have called Demi Moore a drama queen for swooping into a front-row seat at the very last possible minute, but at this morning’s Miss Sixty show, when she tried to take her place at a reasonable hour, the photographers swarmed like sharks after chum.
  2. new york fugging city
    A Very Special Fug GirlsAfter eight days, 26 shows, and a handful of parties, we are reduced to a sputtering heap (not unlike that Zac Posen dress) on the floor of Newark Airport. Time to recall our favorite moments.
  3. ask a retailer
    What Barneys Is Buying IIThroughout the week, buyers from Barneys, Intermix, and Kirna Zabête told us which runway looks they planned to stock for spring. Julie Gilhart, senior vice-president and fashion director of Barneys New York, files her final picks.
  4. new york fugging city
    Grey Ant’s Pajama Pants-Off Dance-OffThis was no ordinary runway show. This was interpretive dance.
  5. show & tell
    All We Really Needed to Know About Fashion Week We Learned From CelebritiesStars are everywhere at Fashion Week, and so it seemed a good idea to glean some wisdom from our betters. Here’s what they had to tell us.
  6. party lines
    Lauren Hutton Teaches Us About MathAt the Saks Fifth Avenue “Want It!” shopping event Wednesday night, we were wandering around, lazily stalking celebs, when a hand grabbed us. “Hi, I’m Lauren.” Hi, Lauren Hutton, we said, startled to be bum-rushed by the sixties supermodel. Why are you talking to us? She thought we were from the Times. We corrected her. She insisted we were from the Times. We went with it, and, boy, are we glad we did.
  7. harriet and amy
    Ten Things We Loved at Fashion WeekThroughout the week, New York’s Harriet Mays Powell and Amy Larocca selected ten things they liked each day. Now, they share their ten Fashion Week favorites.
  8. reviews
    Fashion Week Report Card: All-American EditionThe latest bunch of designers to walk were the epitome of New York style: Anna Sui’s rocker chic, Narciso Rodriguez’s minimalism, and Michael Kors’s all-American looks. We round up the critics’ reviews of the key New York collections so far.
  9. party lines
    Diesel’s Got a Brand New BagThe Prada event planners probably slept well last Friday night, sure the amazing Raconteurs show at their Soho store would be the secret-special-musical-guest highlight of Fashion Week. Then they discovered the Diesel after-party booked James Brown. JAMES BROWN. The Godfather of Soul.
  10. party lines
    Nick Cannon Likes Models, Booze, and Free Toasters
  11. new york fugging city
    Choking Down a Media SandwichThe crescendo of our Fashion Week celebrity-spotting started slowly with Kristin Cavallari, built with Kristen Bell and Mischa Barton sightings at every turn, and peaked on our final night in New York at the packed Zac Posen show.
  12. harriet and amy
    Ten Things We Liked on ThursdayVera Wang’s poise, Catherine Malandrino’s set, and Tory Burch’s transportation.
  13. new york fugging city
    Fashion Showdown: Wintour vs. ZoeCalvin Klein showed twice consecutively today, and it turns out that when you attend the second show, you have a very good chance of running into famous faces who are leaving the first. This is how we witnessed the Fashion Showdown of the Week.
  14. video look book
    Constance White, eBay Style DirectoreBay style director Constance White walks like a model and cusses like a sailor — but only around camera crews.
  15. three is a trend
    Thighs and ShineIt’s time for a little reflection on your clothing choices. Specifically, your pants.
  16. reviews
    A Somber Mood at Vera Wang
  17. reviews
    Idea of the Week: Have the After-Party Before the ShowHere’s one way to keep people happy when your show starts one hour and 22 minutes late: Have the after-party first!
  18. reviews
    Buttoned-Down BehnazBehnaz Sarafpour’s clothes don’t stop traffic, but when spotted on the rack at Bergdorf Goodman, they look like what the grooviest girl in the law firm might wear. Which is to say conservative but polished.
  19. ask a retailer
    What Intermix Is BuyingSari Sloane, vice-president of fashion merchandising at Intermix, shares her favorites from the recent collections.
  20. three is a trend
    Blooming ForthNo spring season is complete without flowers. But designers are going beyond the usual floral print and instead using appliqués or, more ingeniously, molding the outfit into a flower shape.
  21. harriet and amy
    Ten Things We Liked on WednesdayHarriet and Amy pick out new underwear and this spring’s morning-after outfit.
  22. fashion album
    Melania Trump’s Fashion Week FavoritesMelania Trump picks her favorite looks from Oscar de la Renta.
  23. video look book
    Mary Anne De Palma, Ballroom-Dance CoachBallroom dance coach and judge Mary Anne De Palma disparages the models’ “prancing action” and demonstrates her own walk.
  24. new york fugging city
    Stars Fail Girlfriend Test at Matthew WilliamsonAs gossip junkies, we adore wicked tales of starlets and social butterflies coming undone. We just didn’t think we would see it happen so literally.
  25. show & tell
    Fashion Week’s Exit ReturnsTuesday was Primary Day, and New Yorkers went to the polls to pick their favorite Democrats. At Bryant Park, capital of the Republic of Fashion, we asked some citizens if they’d chosen a candidate that day.
  26. party lines
    Paris Exposed
  27. ask a retailer
    What Kirna Zabête Is BuyingAt Kirna Zabête in the spring, look for Derek Lam, Peter Som, and Thakoon.
  28. reviews
    Rodarte’s Extravagant ImpracticalityIf everything on the runway were strictly “wearable,” we’d fall asleep in our little wooden chairs.
  29. reviews
    Fashion Week Report Card: The Big Names
  30. video look book
    Gerlan Marcel, Textile DesignerInspired by Dolly Parton, textile designer Gerlan Marcel shows just how far you can go in this town on a dollar.
  31. new york fugging city
    Narciso Rodriguez: Inspired by Darth Vader, Men’s Hot PantsNarciso Rodriguez is known for providing discriminating actresses with classy frocks — for example, the one Julia Louis-Dreyfus wore to the Emmys this year — so naturally we assumed his show would be chockablock with the smart, stylish celebrity set.
  32. new york fugging city
    Heatherette: A Cracked-Out Homage to Aaron SpellingPicture your high-school production of South Pacific, subtract half the clothes, add some cynical drag queens, and then do three shots of whiskey. Voilà: You have Heatherette’s Tuesday-night show.
  33. three is a trend
    Connect the DotsDo not adjust your screen. Those spots you’re seeing are intentional. Designers are channeling Cruella De Vil (sans fur) and adding dots to tops.
  34. harriet and amy
    Ten Things We Liked on TuesdayHarriet and Amy have a soft spot for Parsons’ students, platform sandals, and models with clever names.
  35. party lines
    Because You Can Never Have Enough Marc: Bonus MC Hammer Pants CoverageLike the Fug Girls, Jada Yuan was at the Marc Jacobs after-party. She got to the bottom of the MC Hammer pants mystery, with the last word going to the man of the hour himself.
  36. video look book
    Katya Kibovskya, Casual PrincessToday, Russian Playboy fashion editor Katya Kibovskya models her “casual princess” outfit and tells us her magazine is “not only girls with bodies.”
  37. show & tell
    Beth Ostrosky Issues an APB for White Stretch PantsAt Betsey Johnson’s show Tuesday afternoon, her granddaughter made her runway debut. Johnson handed the baby off to daughter Lulu before turning her trademark cartwheel. At the end of the runway, stylist Patricia Field joined the designer for a little boogie, which exposed a bit of Johnson’s black thong.
  38. new york fugging city
    Celebrities: Wear Behnaz SarafpourSome of our favorite collections from Fashion Week came down the runways with almost no celebrities in attendance — first at the Ashleigh Verrier show on Friday, and now Tuesday’s Behnaz Sarafpour presentation.
  39. fashion album
    Tinsley Mortimer’s Fashion Week FavoritesA longtime observer of Fashion Week, socialite Tinsley Mortimer had lots of opinions about this year’s collections. She shared with us a few of her favorites, including looks from Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.
  40. show & tell
    More Fashion Blogs We LikeBloggers from the Lower East Side to London have something to say about Fashion Week. Here’s what we check regularly.
  41. three is a trend
    Shirting the Issue It’s a T-shirt! It’s a dress! It’s a trend!
  42. show & tell
    Barbara Walters, Tinsley Mortimer, Patricia Field at Oscar de la RentaOscar de la Renta is the designer for the Laura Bushes of the world, and his front row yesterday was, as one might guess, a socialite-a-polooza. Every girl you see on Patrick McMullan was taking mental notes on which evening gown to get her husband or father to buy for her.
  43. show & tell
    Surviving Fashion WeekWhether you’re a model, a stylist, or a celebrity, Fashion Week can be grueling. Five veterans of the shows gave Jada Yuan their survival tips. High on the list: Eating.
  44. reviews
    Marc Jacobs Lightens UpMarc Jacobs’ new collection vacillated between pure fancy and total wearability. Overal, though, this was fashion at its most Elysian. Lucite: The next big thing? »
  45. new york fugging city
    Paris Takes Notes for UsImagine our slack-jawed surprise to see Paris taking notes from the front row at Max Azria (it WRITES!) while Nicky sat sour-faced and bored. What gives, heiresses? We turned to each other in queasy dread: Would we have to reassess? Would our world plop off its axis and into a sea of shame?
  46. video look book
    Cator Sparks, Dandy in DistressToday, writer Cator Sparks is a “dandy in distress,” with a cockerel pinned to his hat, and a dirty joke on his lips.
  47. three is a trend
    Heavily Hairsprayed Dos No Longer Don’ts Long luscious locks are getting reigned in, pinned up, and teased — possibly beyond repair — this spring. Designers and stylists wielded cans of hairspray with abandon at Monday’s shows.
  48. new york fugging city
    Marc Jacobs: Totally Worth the WaitWaiting to get into the Marc Jacobs show at the Armory tonight was like lining up for the new Star Wars, except with fashionistas instead of geeks. But the wait — and the attendant fear that we were all about to be killed in the unholy, disorganized crush of humanity — was worth it, because this was the premiere celeb spotting event of our lives.
  49. fashion album
    Tim Gunn’s Fashion Week Favorites Which outfit will get you Tim Gunn’s nod of approval? We asked the Project Runway mentor to pick his favorite looks from the runways.
  50. harriet and amy
    Ten Things We Liked on MondayModels regain their footing in a classy way and Marc Jacobs soothes the savage fashion editor on a Monday full of pleasant finds.
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