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Spring Breakers

  1. Adult Men Overstay Their Welcome on Spring BreakYes, even though they can afford the bottles with the sparklers.
  2. spring breakers
    A History of Spring BreakThe parts we can remember.
  3. spring breakers
    It’s Always Sunny Somewhere: 15 Must-Pack Items for Your Next TripIf you dress for it, spring will come. Maybe.
  4. spring breakers
    Selena Gomez’s Style: Disney Princess vs. Spring BreakerWe’re not in Waverly Place anymore.
  5. collaboration station
    First Look: Opening Ceremony for Spring BreakersPot-leaf jerseys and friendship bracelets.
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    Watch Marilyn Manson Exit a Party in a Cloud of SmokeHow wizards evade paparazzi.
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    Selena Gomez Is Ready for Spring in Dolce & GabbanaFlashes of skin everywhere.
  8. look of the day
    Is Vanessa Hudgens Dancing With the Stars Bound?Her bejeweled dress suggests so.
  9. look of the day
    Selena Gomez Goes Business-Risqué in VersaceJust following the Amy Poehler–in-a-suit route.
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    Spring Break Destination Not Ideal for Husband HuntingUnless you like old guys without college degrees.
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    The Age of Hipster SexismFrom Terry Richardson to Lena Dunham — is the new misogyny so bad?