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Squad Goals

  1. Lorde Doesn’t Like the Term ‘Squad,’ But Says She’s Still Taylor Swift’s FriendA truly dark day for #squadgoals.
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    Woody Harrelson Is Hollywood’s Girl-Squad Fairy GodmotherStep aside, Taylor Swift.
  3. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson Sang Show Tunes TogetherAll is forgiven.
  4. squad goals
    Gigi Hadid Takes Us Inside Taylor Swift’s Halloween Girls’ NightAccording to honored guest Gigi Hadid.
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    Of Course These Two Celebrities Had a Friend Date at a Vegan RestaurantThey ate raw food together at a vegan restaurant.
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    Meet New Beauty Blogger Patrick DempseyThis is a job for McDreamy.
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    Tina Fey and Friends on the Topic of #Squadgoals“We all know each other’s voices and rhythms.”  
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    Oh, So We’re Really Going to Call It ‘Squadsgiving’?Sure we wanna do that?
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    Stop Asking Female Celebs If They Want to Be Friends With Taylor SwiftEnough is enough.
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    This Sweatshirt: A Staggering Work of Fashion GeniusNot really, but we do kind of want one.