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  1. animals
    How About a Nice Story About Picnic Tables for Squirrels?A woman in Illinois has developed the world’s most wholesome hustle.
  2. war
    This Squirrel Is Out for BloodA “bloodthirsty” squirrel has laid siege to a Houston neighborhood.
  3. rodent rebellion
    The Squirrels Have Declared WarNew England’s tree rats are raining wanton destruction upon the heads of maple sugar producers.
  4. awww
    Man Calls Police After Savage Attack by … Baby Squirrel?The assault ended when the squirrel, “apparently exhausted by its exertions, lay down abruptly and fell asleep.”
  5. division of labor
    Female Squirrels Do All the Work, According to Eerily Familiar-Sounding StudyFemale squirrels are way busier than males.
  6. hot shot
    Don’t Worry, Prince Harry Is Hard at Work Saving SquirrelsThinking very hard in a tent.