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    The Trick to Understanding Astrological CompatibilityTime to memorize your elements.
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    This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Will Challenge Your RelationshipsNot that that’s a bad thing.
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    Astrology Birth Charts 101A guide to calculating and interpreting your natal chart.
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    Why Jupiter Retrograde Is Good News for YouFor one, it’s not Mercury.
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    Chiron Is the Therapist of the CosmosUnderstanding this in your astrological birth chart will help you find all sorts of healing.
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    Don’t Fear Your Saturn ReturnAn existential crisis triggered by the universe can be a good thing!
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    Rising Sign: What Is It, and What Does It Mean?Your ascendent sign explains everything — like, actually.
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    Jupiter Is Leaving Pisces Behind and Entering AriesIt’s a time for bold new beginnings. Here’s what that means for you.
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    The First Eclipse of 2022 Is This WeekendThere’s a solar eclipse in Taurus on Saturday, April 30, and a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on Monday, May 16. Here’s what to expect.
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    A Weird, Rare Astrology Thing Is Happening on TuesdayJupiter and Neptune haven’t met in Pisces since 1856. Here’s what it means for you.
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    Everything to Know About Mercury RetrogradeHere’s what astrologers say it means, and what to avoid when it happens.
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    How to Understand Every Zodiac Sign, by ElementIt’s probably the easiest way to get a handle on each sign’s qualities.
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    A Guide to the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and CapricornEarth signs tend to be stable, grounded, and practical, concerned with material things and sensuality.
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    A Guide to the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and PiscesWater signs are deep and intuitive, teeming with wet emotion and flowing feelings.
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    A Guide to the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and SagittariusFire signs are passionate and brash, craving action and attention.
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    A Guide to the Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and AquariusAir signs are intellectual and communicative, and prone to overindulging in fantasy.
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    How to Understand Your Moon SignThe moon is our id. She rules our inner child: how we feel safe, how we feel protected, and how we protect ourselves under duress.
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    New Moons: A Time of Darkness, Mystery, and PossibilityIf full moons are periods of total illumination, new moons are a vacuum. But they also signify infinite potential and possibility.
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    Full Moons: A Time for Drama, Chaos, and Seeing the TruthIf the full moon were a house party, it would be totally out of control.