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    Donald Trump Breaks Record for Agonizingly Slow TalkingHe delivered the slowest State of the Union speech in at least half a century.
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    Democratic Congresswoman Caught Playing Candy Crush During State of the UnionRepresentative Brenda Lawrence just had to beat this level.
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    Joe Kennedy Debuts Shiny-Lip Look at SOTU ResponseIs that Glossier?
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    No One Clapped More Than Trump During the State of the UnionThe president was very enthusiastic about himself.
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    Here’s What Happened to the Mom Whose Baby Was Adopted by Trump’s SOTU GuestsFinally, some good news.
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    The Best Facial Expressions at the State of the UnionFrom Nancy Pelosi to Mitch McConnell.
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    Melania Trump Looks Thrilled to Be at the State of the UnionJust look at her clap!
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    Man Tearing Country Apart Says He’d Like to Unite ItIdeally “without a major event.”
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    Pelosi Says Focus of State of the Union Should Be on Trump’s ‘Slobbering’“If his nose isn’t running and he isn’t burping, he did a great speech.”
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    Can You Spot What’s Wrong With the State of the Union Tickets?So close, yet so far.