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State Of The Union

  1. sotu 2020
    Nancy Pelosi Destroys Trump’s State of the Union Speech (Literally)Enjoy this incredibly satisfying video of her ripping it into pieces.
  2. sotu 2020
    The Democratic Congresswomen Are Wearing White As an Act of ResistanceFor the second year in the row, they’re making a sartorial statement at the State of the Union.
  3. sotu 2020
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Boycotting the State of the UnionAlong with Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Waters, and several other lawmakers.
  4. abortion rights
    Whose ‘Womb’ Is This Anyway?Donald Trump speaks about abortion as though women have nothing to do with it.
  5. reading the signs
    Last Night, D.C. Got a New Power UniformFinally, a visual shorthand for women in politics.
  6. state of the union
    Boy Who Fell Asleep During State of the Union Is the Night’s MVPThe address went on well past his bedtime.
  7. politics
    Stacey Abrams Was the Perfect Antidote to TrumpHer State of the Union response was emotional and personal.
  8. state of the union
    The Best Reactions from Democratic Women to Trump’s SpeechThey were extremely, visibly unimpressed.
  9. politics
    Even Trump’s Tie Doesn’t Wanna Be at the State of the UnionIt tried to escape.
  10. hot shot
    The Women of Congress Are Wearing White to Trump’s SOTU As an Act of SolidarityThey gave speeches on gender equality while dressed to honor the suffragettes.
  11. state of the union
    The Guests to Look Out for at the State of the UnionTrump’s former housekeepers, migrant families who were separated at the border, and more.
  12. politics
    AOC Will Stand With Sexual-Assault Survivors at the State of the UnionShe’s bringing an activist who confronted Senator Jeff Flake about Kavanaugh as her guest.
  13. politics
    Stacey Abrams Will Deliver the Response to Trump’s SOTU SpeechHell yeah.
  14. politics
    Nancy Pelosi Has Officially Outplayed Donald TrumpShe won the battle of the State of the Union.
  15. politics
    This Is What Happens When Trump Has 24 Hours to Work on a ComebackDid his petulant letter to Nancy Pelosi really take a full day?
  16. state of the union
    Kellyanne Conway Says She Is a Victim of Sexual AssaultShe told Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union.
  17. state of the uniom
    Donald Trump Breaks Record for Agonizingly Slow TalkingHe delivered the slowest State of the Union speech in at least half a century.
  18. numbers
    Donald Trump Still Can’t CountHe said this year’s State of the Union was the most-watched in history (it was not).
  19. The Best Reactions to Trump’s First State of the UnionNancy Pelosi is not impressed.
  20. power
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says America Would Be Better If Nancy Pelosi Smiled MoreThe Press Secretary was not pleased with the House Minority Leader’s sour expression during the State of the Union.
  21. state of the uniom
    The Best Facial Expressions at the State of the UnionFrom Nancy Pelosi to Mitch McConnell.
  22. state of the union
    15 Congresswomen on Why They’re Wearing Black to the State of the Union“We are supporting the brave women in every industry and every corner of the country who are making their voices heard.”
  23. state of the uniom
    Man Tearing Country Apart Says He’d Like to Unite ItIdeally “without a major event.”
  24. ‘merica
    Guess What Colors Republican Women are Wearing to the State of the UnionThey’re planning a colorful response to the Democrats’ plan to wear black.
  25. typos
    Can You Spot What’s Wrong With the State of the Union Tickets?So close, yet so far.
  26. state of the union
    All the Lawmakers Skipping the State of the Union AddressRBG will not be in attendance on Tuesday night.
  27. reclaiming her time
    Why Rep. Maxine Waters Is Boycotting Donald Trump’s State of the UnionShe’s reclaiming her time.
  28. power
    Sexual-Assault Survivors Will Sit in the Audience at Trump’s State of the UnionDemocrats have invited the survivors as guests.
  29. motherhood
    Can We Solve Our Child-Care Problem?The State of the Union is just the start.
  30. flotus fashion
    FLOTUS Wore a Michael Kors Suit to the State of the UnionA snazzy gray suit.
  31. effective statements
    Columbia University Activist Emma Sulkowicz to Attend State of the Union If we’re talking about campus policy, we need to discuss sexual assault.
  32. the war on women
    State of the Women: The GOP’s Tired Solution to Its Woman ProblemIn Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s State of the Union response, we saw the same thing we’ve been seeing for years.
  33. daddy issues
    Dad-in-Chief Obama: Raising Kids Makes You a ManThe line got big cheers from conservatives.
  34. mobama watch
    See Michelle Obama’s State of the Union DressIt was a sapphire outfit by Barbara Tfank.
  35. loose threads
    Guinness ‘Jewelry Style’ Honored; Ad Sales DownPlus, British Vogue is the latest (of many) magazines to include cute white cats in an editorial.
  36. pantsuits of the union
    Bright-Yellow Suits Sure Were Popular at the State of the Union AddressHilary Clinton wasn’t there physically, but she was in spirit.