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  1. bad science
    What a Fake Donald Trump Paper Can Tell Us About Bad ScienceHumor at its nerdiest.
  2. horrible things
    LGBT People Most Frequent Targets of Hate CrimesWell before Orlando, this was the case.
  3. instant grammifcation
    Instagram Data Reveals People Love CelebritiesWho won Fashion Week? Hint: not the clothes.
  4. statistics
    Watch This Soothing Norwegian Dog-Walking VideoBut don’t watch the dog!
  5. Can Happy Street Signs Solve Newark’s Crime Problem?An unprecedented social experiment is about to begin.
  6. studies
    There Is No Difference Between Online and ‘Real-Life’ DatingHalf of single people flirt online — even if they don’t use dating websites.
  7. baby names
    Hillary: The Most Poisoned Baby Name in U.S. HistoryMothers abandoned the name at record speed, starting in 1992.