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  1. support the arts
    Leave This Hot Italian Statue AloneA feud unfolds in Italy.
  2. art and soul
    Reimagining What Monuments Can BeA new public-art exhibition in Philadelphia aims to “transform the way our country’s histories are told in public spaces.”
  3. hot stuff
    Needlessly Sexy Statue Stirs Massive RowBehold, a naked ode to Mary Wollstonecraft, featuring flat abs and a topiary bush.
  4. end times
    Girl, SameThe Statue of Liberty was struck by giant bolts of lightning — a relatable feeling, for many of us.
  5. vandalism
    Frederick Douglass Statue Vandalized Over July 4th WeekendThe statue was torn down from its base in a Rochester park and found near the edge of a gorge.
  6. corporate feminism
    The Fearless Girl Statue Was Originally Supposed to Be a CowThe story of the bovine statue that could’ve been.
  7. riri
    Modern Deity Rihanna Poses With Giant Headless Statue of HerselfIt was erected for the Berlin Biennale. 
  8. monuments
    Central Park Doesn’t Have Any Statues of Actual Historical WomenThat could be changing soon, though.
  9. works of art
    A Bunch of Women Are Funding This Dude’s Michelangelo-Themed Plastic SurgeryHe wants to look like the David.
  10. but is it art?
    Statue of Underdressed Man Terrorizes Wellesley CollegeArt in its underwear causes a campus mini-scandal.
  11. model tracker
    Where Nick Knight’s 30-Foot Naomi Campbell Statues Should GoNick Knight is making a few 30-foot tall statues of Naomi Campbell. We have some comical ideas about where they should go.