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Status Symbols

  1. must-haves
    All the Cool Girls Had One: 16 Women on Teen Status SymbolsTalking to Molly Ringwald, Judy Blume, Aly Raisman, Marilyn Minter, and more.
  2. social anthropology
    115 Ways to Scream ‘Status’The thing to have right now if you’re an Italian chef, an Upper East Side lady, a leather daddy, or a Dalton senior. (We know because we asked.)
  3. shiny
    Get Ready for the Gold Macbook Frenzy Whether we like it or not. 
  4. look of the day
    Even Rihanna Is Using a Flip Phone NowWith pants to match.
  5. Boring Rich Men Post Endless (Big) Cat Photos on InstagramGet a life, losers.