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  1. self
    This Underwear Is FDA-Cleared for Oral SexLorals are only the second product that has been authorized for protection against STIs during oral sex.
  2. sexual health
    STD Cases in the U.S. Have Reached an All-Time HighA report from the CDC shows a staggering 2.46 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other STDs.
  3. science of us
    Beware Autumnal GonorrheaThe STI (and many other infectious diseases) fluctuate with the seasons.
  4. science of us
    An STD You’ve Never Heard of Could Be the Next SuperbugMost people with MG don’t even know they have it.
  5. sexual health
    A Record Number of Americans Contracted STDs in 2016, CDC ReportsDating apps may be partly to blame.
  6. super bugs
    Terrifying Untreatable Strains of Gonorrhea Are on the RiseWrap it up, folks.
  7. bieber beat
    Hanson Says Justin Bieber’s Music Is Like ‘Chlamydia of the Ear’In an interview with an Australian radio station.
  8. More Than 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Were Infected With HPV Between 2013 and 2014The figure increases to 42 percent for all forms of genital HPV, according to a CDC report.
  9. am i dying
    Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Have Sex?No, it’s not supposed to feel that way.
  10. Just When You Thought 2016 Couldn’t Get Any Worse, We Now Have Record STD LevelsGird your loins.
  11. dumpster fires
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Have Hit a Record High in the United StatesGird your loins.
  12. actually good things
    Thousands of Women in Texas Will Get Low-Cost IUDsThanks to a $2 million donation to Planned Parenthood.
  13. sexy times
    The $25 Condom for Men Who Hate CondomsIs this really worth it?
  14. sex ed
    Mike Pence Doesn’t Understand How Condoms WorkTrump’s running mate needs some help here.
  15. herpes
    A Herpes Vaccine Is in the WorksPlease let this work.
  16. biological clocks
    Should You Take an at-Home Fertility Test?Real talk about your eggs.
  17. evolutionary stumbling blocks
    Prehistoric STDs Might Explain MonogamyPolygamy isn’t so cool when you’re infertile.
  18. viva antibiotics
    Syphilis Outbreak Finally Answers Question ‘What Happens in Vegas?’We doubt it will stay there.
  19. needles
    Does the HPV Vaccine Work? Yes. Yes It Does.So can we stop the debates?
  20. sorry no
    Why Aren’t Straight Men Told to Get STD Tests?Women must be getting STDs from somewhere, after all.
  21. the inevitable
    Oh, You Don’t Have Herpes? What’s That Like?More than two-thirds of people under 50 are infected.
  22. things that are not really subtle at all
    Tinder Would Rather Not Be Mentioned Alongside Chlamydia, Thanks The app developer is demanding an L.A. billboard be taken down.
  23. sex ed
    Could This Technology Make Condoms Obsolete?Here’s what the future of STD prevention might look like.
  24. A Vaccine for the ‘Silent’ STD Could Be ComingChlamydia is terrible and a lot of people don’t know they have it.
  25. real talk
    Can Talking About Herpes Make It Less Shameful?Ella Dawson is a blogger on a mission.
  26. bad news
    Public Health Workers Will Call Your Ex If You Have an STDYou weren’t brave enough, so now it’s a government service.
  27. stds
    HPV Vaccine Might Not Protect African-American WomenIt covers strains more commonly found in white women.
  28. truth and consequences
    How Stressed Should We Be About Super Gonorrhea?Dinner-with-in-laws stressed? College-exam stressed? Mortgage-foreclosure stressed?
  29. stds
    Study: HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Make Girls More PromiscuousBecause that would be way worse than them getting cancer. 
  30. sex ed
    Super Gonorrhea Here to Ruin Blow Jobs ForeverFor real, no more joking around, use condoms.