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Stem Cells

  1. bad science
    3 Women Lost Their Eyesight After Shady Stem-Cell TreatmentsThey had their own stem cells injected into their eyes at a Florida clinic, and the results were not good.
  2. bad science
    How the Media Botched the Gordie Howe Stem-Cell StoryThis was one of the worst examples of credulous, damaging science reporting in recent memory.
  3. very modern medicine
    This Medical Treatment Is Potentially Groundbreaking. So Why Isn’t It Available?A new documentary explores the controversy surrounding fetal stem cells.
  4. This Company Is Trying to Use Stem Cells to Bring Back the DeadDon’t sweat the zombie apocalypse just yet, though.
  5. stem cells
    Did Stem Cells Save Gordie Howe?When medical-miracle stories seem too good to be true.
  6. quackery
    Don’t Pay for Cosmetic Procedures With ‘Stem Cells’People are making all kinds of wacky claims.
  7. the dedicated
    Is This Woman’s $800 Stem-Cell Facial Worth It?You’ll walk out looking just slightly “surprised.”