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  1. trailblazers
    Leading the Robot Invasion of the Old Boys’ ClubManuela Veloso has spent her career turning sci-fi into reality.
  2. let’s makeup
    Covergirl Launched a Partnership With Girls Who CodeAnd gave the organization a sizable donation.
  3. not all heroes wear capes
    Shuri Is the Best Character in Black PantherTired: White guys and gadgets. Wired: Shuri!
  4. education
    Ivanka Trump Found a Much More Attainable White House GoalIs this “staying in her lane”?
  5. inspirational things
    Hidden Figures Is Already Boosting Girls Into Science and TechnologyActor Aldis Hodge talks STEM and STEAM.
  6. r.i.p.
    Astronomy Pioneer Vera Rubin Dies at Age 88Her research revealed evidence of dark matter.
  7. women at work
    This Bill Would Stop ‘Rampant’ Sexual Abuse, Harassment of Women in STEM FieldsIt would require colleges and universities to report sexual harassment to the agencies that fund them.
  8. One Biologist Has a Great Response to HarassmentThe best revenge.
  9. gender
    Men Are Skeptical of Gender Bias in ScienceEven when they’re shown evidence.
  10. chauvinists
    Yet Another Man of Science Cannot Deal With WomenA Nobel Laureate has resigned over comments about his “trouble with girls.”
  11. fembots
    Robyn, Fan of Robots, to Host Women-Centric Technology Festival in SwedenShe sings of fembots; now she wants to inspire us to build them.
  12. education
    Parents May Matter a Lot More Than Schools for Getting Kids Into ScienceThere’s only so much schools — even good ones — can do.