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  1. things that should be easier
    Stephen Colbert on Taking ‘Extraordinary’ Steps to Get a Diverse Writers Room“We realized we had to take an extraordinary step to get an extraordinary room.”
  2. #metoo
    What It Means to Need Men Like Stephen ColbertIt’s an unfortunate truism that powerful men tend to listen to other powerful men.
  3. 2018 election
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Can’t ‘Deal With a Girl From the Bronx’Here she is talking about democratic socialism with Stephen Colbert.
  4. the third man
    The Best Jokes About Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen“Even Instagram models have higher ethical standards.”
  5. the notorious rbg
    Stephen Colbert Gets Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Ruling on Hot Dogs v. SandwichesThe Supreme Court Justice may have overturned a seminal case about whether a hot dog is a sandwich.
  6. #puberme challenge
    The Best Awkward Celebrity Photos From the #PuberMe ChallengeStephen Colbert and Nick Kroll have agreed to donate $1000 for every celebrity that submits an awkward childhood photo.
  7. what happened?
    Hillary Clinton Says Putin Manspread at Her“There’s an expression — we certainly know it in New York.”
  8. birds and bees and consent
    Watch Stephen Colbert Give Newt Gingrich ‘the Talk’ About Sexual Assault“You’re old enough to finally learn about the birds and the bees and consent.”
  9. the late show with stephen colbert
    Anthony Weiner’s Latest Scandal Gave Stephen Colbert Some Great Comedy MaterialColbert thanked Weiner for giving him a “rock-solid story” to talk about.
  10. everyday sexism
    Stephen Colbert Finally Figured Out What’s Wrong With Hillary ClintonHint: It has to do with her anatomy — or lack thereof.
  11. megyn kelly
    Megyn Kelly: Trump Isn’t the Cause of My SuccessTrump, schmump.
  12. video
    New Nicknames for Your ‘Lady Garden’Hoo hoo, hee hee, and ha ha: all acceptable.
  13. political psychology
    Stephen Colbert Made Conservatives More ConservativeThe faux-blowhard icon had some surprising effects on his viewers, not all of whom were in on the joke.
  14. man up
    DVF Schools Stephen Colbert on MasculinityShe couldn’t convince him to wear a wrap dress.
  15. psychology
    Watch Stephen Colbert Fail the Marshmallow TestBecause of course he fails the marshmallow test.
  16. patriotism
    25 Patriotic Celebrities Wearing Flags To kick off your Independence Day weekend.
  17. Watch: Jane Goodall Was All Hugs on Colbert Demonstrates a proper chimp greeting.
  18. party lines
    Party Pics: Lana Del Rey, Pharrell, Coco Rocha, and MoreThe finest celeb-studded parties from both coasts.
  19. Anna Wintour Never Went on That Date With Stephen ColbertYou know, that one to the Cheesecake Factory. Or was it Long John Silver’s?
  20. video
    Stephen Colbert Gives GOP Female Anatomy LessonHe uses a device called the Vagina iTouch to find the “Filipino tubes.”
  21. wintour wonderland
    Watch Anna Wintour Talk About Gay Marriage, Sweatpants, and Batter-Fried ShrimpShe went on Colbert last night.
  22. gunslingers
    Stephen Colbert Also Finds Gun Fashion Hilarious“Finally, the handgun meets the Tim Gunn!”
  23. daily male
    Everything You Need to Know About Stephen Colbert’s Camo SuitThe custom-made ensemble designed by Brooks Brothers.
  24. party lines
    Tim Gunn on Scary L.A., ‘Project Runway,’ and John McCainGunn isn’t looking forward to moving to L.A. for ‘Project Runway”s sixth season, on Lifetime. Also, he’d like to see John McCain in some Varvatos.