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Stephen Miller

  1. soullessness
    Area Republican Fully Devoid of EmpathyPence spokesperson Katie Miller reportedly said she was sent to child detention centers at the border to learn compassion, but “it didn’t work.”
  2. power
    The Five Millennials (Actually) Changing the WorldAn honest list.
  3. burns
    Stephen Miller Gets Roasted by His Third-Grade TeacherShe says he was a “loner” who ate glue off his arm.
  4. hypocrites
    Stephen Miller Called Out As ‘Immigration Hypocrite’ by His UncleThe policies Miller supports would have kept his own family out of the U.S., his uncle says.
  5. hot shot
    Looks Like Stephen Miller Took a Little Nap During the School Safety MeetingSomeone’s sleepy.
  6. diy battle of the sexes
    Trump Adviser Once Crashed a Track Meet to Prove He Could Run Faster Than GirlsStephen Miller was quite the guy in high school.
  7. the mid-aughts
    Why Is Everyone Talking About the Cobrasnake Again?It all goes back to Donald Trump.
  8. no new messages
    Nighttime Voice-mails From the White HouseHi Kellyanne. I can’t sleep.
  9. hot shot
    Sean Spicer Spends Another Busy Day Cleaning Up After Trump’s TeamThis particular mess required a lint-roller.