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Strange Cases

  1. The Woman Who Literally Couldn’t Stop CryingThe tears kept on coming even when she wasn’t sad.
  2. The Man Who Believed His Mind Was Being Controlled Through His ToothHe told doctors his brothers had planted a device in his mouth after a root canal, and were using it to make him their puppet.
  3. An Odd Disorder Convinced This Man That All Strangers Were His Crush in DisguisePeople with Fregoli syndrome believe that new faces are familiar ones playing a trick.
  4. The Woman Who Was Allergic to Her HusbandJust his presence in her room could trigger a life-threatening reaction.
  5. The Man Who Was Pretty Convinced the News Was a RerunThis sounds about right.
  6. The Boy Who Woke Up From a Coma Speaking a Whole New LanguageRueben Nsemoh knew only a few words of Spanish — until a head injury made him fluent.
  7. The Woman Who Forgot How to Move When She Closed Her EyesThe case may have helped scientists find a gene that causes clumsiness.
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    The Man Who Woke Up One Morning and Forgot How to ReadA strange case that settled a long, contentious debate about the brain.
  9. The Woman Who Lost Her Sense of ‘Mine’A case study sheds new light on the link between your stuff and your sense of self.
  10. The Man Who Woke Up From a Coma With Memories of Another Person’s LifeHe thought his girlfriend was pregnant, and that he’d just interviewed for a job at a spy agency. Both were false.
  11. An Amnesiac Artist Is Making Scientists Question What They Know About MemoryShe can’t remember her past, but she still knows musical notes and painting techniques.
  12. How Only Being Able to Use Logic to Make Decisions Destroyed a Man’s Life“To obtain the best results, emotions must be kept out.”
  13. The Man Whose Life Was One Long Case of Déjà VuHe was convinced that everything — from news events to family gatherings — had already happened before.
  14. Sometimes Puns Are a Sign of a Damaged BrainIt’s called Witzelsucht, which translates to “joke addiction.”
  15. A Woman Went Under for Plastic Surgery and Woke Up With KleptomaniaHuh.
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    A Curious Disorder Convinced This Guy His Cat Was a SpyHe believed his cat had been replaced with an impostor cat. 
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    Oh God, There Is Such a Thing As Fatal InsomniaIt’s very, very rare. But still.
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    David Bowie Is Apparently a Frequent Guest Star in People’s HallucinationsAccording to the medical literature. 
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    The Pastor Whose ‘Excessive Piety’ Was Caused by His Atrophying BrainAn unusual case of pathological religiosity.
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    This Blind Woman Had 10 Personalities, and Some of Them Could See A case of psychogenic blindness. 
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    The 25-Year-Old With Sudoku-Induced SeizuresAfter a skiing accident. 
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    The Man Who Saw an Impostor in the MirrorBut it was the oddest thing: The man looked just like him.
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    Remembering 7 of Oliver Sacks’s Most Fascinating Case StudiesRevisiting the famed neurologist’s work after his death this weekend. 
  24. The Woman Who Had Orgasms in Her Left FootOn the first-ever reported case of a condition dubbed “foot orgasm syndrome.” 
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    The Man Who Took 40,000 Ecstasy Tablets in His 20sAt the peak of his use, he estimates that he was taking 25 per day.
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    The Man Who Lost His Memory at the Dentist Ten years later, and he still wakes up every morning thinking it’s the day of his root canal.
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    The People Who See Monsters in the MirrorSnippets from interviews with individuals who have body dysmorphic disorder. 
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    The Woman Who Was Addicted to PsychicsThe strange case of a “clairvoyance addiction.” 
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    This Man Thought His Family Was Replaced by Evil ClonesIt doesn’t end well.
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    The Woman With No Sense of Personal SpaceA real-life close-talker. 
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    The Corporate Man Who Became Pathologically GenerousKind of like a real-life Ebenezer Scrooge. 
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    What Happens When You Drink 16 Glasses of Iced Tea a Day Nothing good! In case you were wondering. 
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    The Man Whose Brain Borrowed Nearby IdentitiesAfter a car crash.
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    The Woman Whose Brain Gave Her a Fake AccentForeign accent syndrome is a rare consequence of a brain injury. 
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    The Strange Case of the Woman Haunted by DragonsImagine dragons, indeed. 
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    The Woman Who Was Attacked by Her Own HandA case report of alien hand syndrome.