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Street Harassment

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    French Man Who Hit Woman After She Told Him to ‘Shut Up’ Sent to JailMarie Laguerre was assaulted in Paris after telling off a cat-caller. The video went viral — and helped make street harassment illegal in France.
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    France Outlaws Catcalling and Street HarassmentAu revoir.
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    New York City Plans to Fight Street Harassment With ArtTatyana Fazlalizadeh is the new artist in residence for New York City’s Commission for Human Rights.
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    France Is Reportedly Considering Fining Men for CatcallingIn the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  5. This Study Offers Insight Into Why Certain Men May Harass Women on the StreetThe study looked at men in four regions of the Middle East.
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    These Street Harassment Methods Work on #NoWomanEver Women are sharing their experiences with street harassment with this sarcastic hashtag.
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    Reporter Sexually Harassed During Live Segment on Sexual HarassmentOh, the irony.
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    Tatcalling: Your New Form of Street Harassment “Can I see your tattoo?” is the new “Hey Sugartits!”
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    Most Women Are Catcalled Before They Turn 17According to a new study, 84 percent of women first experience street harassment as minors.
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    The Whole World Should Be a ‘No Catcall Zone,’ But for Now We Have These SignsFeminist Apparel is putting up “no catcalling zone” signs across the city.
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    What Street Harassment Looks Like in Mexico CityThe Brooklyn-based artist behind “Stop Telling Women to Smile” takes her project to Mexico.
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    The Time I Totally Failed to Stand Up to a Street HarasserAn embarrassing lesson in bystander (non)intervention.
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    Man Stands Up to Catcallers, Gets Knocked UnconsciousPolice are still looking for the suspect.