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Strong Dumb Take

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    Karaoke Songs Should All Stop After the First ChorusFor the sake of everyone involved, a humble proposal.
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    Jaime Lannister Was Hotter With a Bowl CutI will not be silenced.
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    Just Say No to These Steve Madden PlatformsI feel like these shoes are going to bully me.
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    You Are Making Gift-Giving Harder Than It Has to BeYou’re just stressed because you’re ill prepared.
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    Shut Down the Internet for the Rest of the YearA modest proposal.
  6. strong dumb take
    The Best Time to See a Movie Is in the MorningSet your alarm.
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    Apps Can Take a HikeIt’s been long enough — they’re just not working out.
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    Only Fools Waste Time on Cranberry SauceDon’t be a fool.
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    Being Vegetarian During the Holidays Is EasyWe’re not “surviving,” we’re thriving.
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    The Correct Way to Go See a Movie Is by YourselfYour ticket says ADMIT ONE for a reason.
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    Grand Dividing Theory of Female DoritosThere are two types of women: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.