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Stuck In The Mittle

  1. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Concession Dress: Ending in RedOur final stump style post of 2012.
  2. election 2012
    Beyoncé Sums Up Election Night in Three Words[Dusts off shoulders.]
  3. stump style
    Ann Romney Versus Michelle Obama: Two Women, 30 DaysA review of their public appearances over the last month.
  4. stump style
    Michelle and Ann’s Pink Debate Outfits: AnalysisThey’re both observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it would seem.
  5. stump style
    Q&A: Ann Romney’s Go-To Designer Alfred FiandacaMitt accompanies her on shopping trips sometimes!
  6. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Go-To Outfitter: Alfred FiandacaShe’s been buying his clothes for over a decade.
  7. stump style
    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Awkward Onstage Hug, in GIF FormSome grimacing, and a back pat.
  8. stump style
    Ann Romney and Michelle Obama’s Debate Outfits: An AnalysisMichelle repeated a Preen skirt suit, while Ann Romney wore Alfred Fiandaca.
  9. stuck in the mittle
    Mormon Chat Forum Dissects Ann Romney’s ‘Garments’ (or Lack Thereof)Or lack thereof.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    Ann Romney Broke Out Her Biker-Baby Outfit for LenoOh my.
  11. stuck in the mittle
    Red on Red on Red State: Ann’s Makeup and NailsThe dress wasn’t enough.
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Did Ann Romney’s Dress Have Anti-Obama Subtext?She wore bright red Oscar de la Renta at the Republican National Convention last night.
  13. stuck in the mittle
    Dressing to Stump: Ann Romney’s Campaign StyleFrom blazers to bird shirts: what her clothes say about her public persona.
  14. go fish
    Let’s Talk About Ann Romney’s Bird Shirt [Updated]Wow.
  15. stuck in the mittle
    See Which Fashion Folks Donated to Mitt Romney’s CampaignThe president of Jockey International gave him $450!
  16. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Makes an Awkward Joke About the Glitter in His HairSee, glitter really does make everything better.
  17. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Wears Gap JeansIf he can’t talk about his finances in a way that makes him seem down-to-earth, maybe he can show you with his clothes.