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Student Style

  1. icymi
    Read All of the Cut’s College Week Stories in One PlaceDorm-room sex, binge-drinking, and so much more.
  2. student style
    UCSB Street Style: Lattice Bras and Weed SocksPlus tie-dye chambray, cowboy boots, and a whole lot of skateboards.
  3. student style
    RISD Street Style: Wigs and Monochrome Outfits Plus kimono coats and green scrunchies.
  4. student style
    U Miami Street Style: Hemp Bracelets and JelliesPlus some HBA and Zéline.
  5. student style
    UT, Austin, Street Style: Cozy Cardigans and ChucksPlus a Katy Perry T-shirt and lots of statement eyeglasses.
  6. college week
    NYU Street Style: Loose Jeans and Chelsea BootsWith plenty of eye-catching accents.
  7. college week
    UCLA Street Style: Cat Shirts and Fixed-Gear BikesA sea of normcore.