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  1. These Bolivian Farmers Have Insanely Healthy HeartsIt’s a medical mystery without a clear explanation — but a lot of it has to do with a generally balanced lifestyle and diet.
  2. memory
    How the Brains of ‘Memory Athletes’ Are DifferentAs is so often the case in neuroscience, it has to do with connections between different brain areas.
  3. everyday sexism
    After the Election, Men Became More Aggressive When Negotiating With WomenA new study showcases the trend.
  4. neuroscience
    Why Some Neuroscientists Are Fed Up With NeuroscienceIn a new article, five neuroscientists argue that their field has grown too enamored with flashy toys that don’t really teach us anything.
  5. sexual identity
    How Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men Explain Their Encounters“I’m a good father. I’m a good husband in providing material things for my wife … There’s times when I want someone to be in charge of me.”
  6. Appeals to Selfishness Can Nudge People to Act in a More Pro-Environmental WayA new study adds to a growing pile of evidence about how to best frame environmental arguments.
  7. mental health
    Most People Experience Mental Health Problems at One Point or AnotherIt’s important to understand just how common it is to deal with a bout of anxiety, depression, or some other ailment.
  8. Can Curiosity Help End Scientific Quackery?An intriguing new study suggests that curiosity, not knowledge, can drive people to seek out the truth.
  9. A New Theory on OCD: Maybe It’s About ‘Guilt-Sensitivity’Those who “found guilt unbearable” were also the most likely to report compulsive checking.
  10. political psychology
    Are Conservatives More Scared of Stuff Than Liberals?A new study adds some weight to the idea that they might be, but it’s important to recognize the caveats.
  11. sleep
    Study Advises Bad Sleepers to Take to the WoodsLeave your phone at home, please.
  12. personality psychology
    Politicians Have Different Personalities Than the Rest of UsNot everyone is cut out for a life of hand-shaking with strangers, answering questions over and over, and boring budgetary meetings.
  13. personality
    The 5 Personality Traits That Make for a Better LifeThere are many paths to a good life. Some are just more rigorously studied than others.
  14. political psychology
    This is a Great Psychological Framework for Understanding How Fake News SpreadsIt’s way more complicated than “some people are dumb or ignorant.” We’re all capable of believing wacky stuff.
  15. You (and Your Therapist) Can Change Your PersonalityA big new study promises you are (probably) not stuck with yourself.
  16. our casual dysmorphia
    Disturbing Study Looks at the Effectiveness of ThinspoImages of thin people can change how much you eat.
  17. periods
    Could This Be the Cause of Severe PMS?Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) could be the result of rogue genes.
  18. desire
    This New Study Dispels Those Pesky Rumors About the Pill and Your Sex DriveIt may not be doing what you think it’s doing.
  19. sexuality
    The Phenomenon of ‘Bud Sex’ Between Straight Rural Men“I don’t want the effeminate ones, I want the manly guys … If I wanted someone that acts girlish, I got a wife at home.”
  20. You Can Be Lazy and Learn a New Language at the Same TimeThere are times when it’s best to put down the Duolingo.
  21. revenge porn
    1 in 25 Americans Has Faced or Been Threatened With Revenge PornIt’s particularly bad for women and LGBTQ people.
  22. weighty matters
    Apparently There Are at Least 59 Types of ObesityAnd they probably require different treatments.
  23. psilocybin
    Psilocybin Is Looking More and More Like a Potential Wonder DrugTwo new studies add to a growing body of research suggesting that hallucinogens may have profound psychiatric potential.
  24. Psychotropic Medication Could Seriously Reduce RecidivismIf you deploy meds smartly, it appears they are an effective way to keep violent offenders from committing new crimes.
  25. online harassment
    Women Are Harassed Online So Frequently They’re Afraid to Voice Their OpinionsA blow to diverse voices on the internet.
  26. It Is Pretty Easy to Get Art Experts to Fall for FakesPeople who should know better often don’t.
  27. Why It’s So Hard to Predict SuicideA new meta-analysis shows that suicide researchers have a long way to go – and that suicide is a really complicated phenomenon.
  28. Turns Out Hypochondriacs Actually Are More Likely to Get SickIt’s not always fun to be right.
  29. suicide
    Here’s an Encouraging Partnership to Reduce Gun SuicidesFor a complicated public-health problem like gun suicides, it’s important to get everyone — including gun-shop owners — on the same page.
  30. depression
    Depression Is on the Upswing for Young PeopleThis appears to be part of a century-long trend of increasing anxiety and depression for the young.
  31. By the Way, There Is Little Evidence That Businesspeople Are Better at GoverningInsights from a rather timely new study.
  32. friendship
    A Small But Deeply Sad Detail in That New Study on Facebook and Friendship“Public-health interventions urging people to go out and try to make more friends may have no effect on health.”
  33. science of us
    It Is Stupidly Important to Plan Your Election-Day LogisticsThree very specific questions to ask yourself.
  34. Empathy Is Nice, But It’s Not Exactly NecessaryYou don’t need to feel someone else’s emotions — you just need to care about them.
  35. the office
    Apparently, There Are 13 Giveaways That You Are About to Quit Your JobThey are more subtle than you think.
  36. health
    What Scientists Are Learning From a Chain-Smoking RobotIt could be an important breakthrough for better understanding what tobacco does to the human respiratory system.
  37. alcohol
    We Have Almost Achieved Irresponsible-Drinking Gender EquityIt used to be that men drank a lot more, and a lot more stupidly, than women. Not anymore.
  38. hunger games
    You’ll Be Hungry No Matter How Much You Eat, Says Bleak StudyHunger doesn’t care that you had a bar full of protein, fiber, and unicorn dust.
  39. Everyone Wants to Believe That Reading Good Books Will Make You a Good PersonThe studies on this just keep piling up.
  40. headaches
    This Might Be Why Wine and Chocolate Give You MigrainesThanks, mouth bacteria.
  41. our casual dysmorphia
    Women Are Still Terrified of Being OverweightGuess the body-positive movement still has some work to do.
  42. the science of dreams
    Why Your Dreams Go Crazy When You Stop Smoking PotMost people think it has to do with REM sleep. Not so, insists a sleep researcher who has come up with a competing theory.
  43. If Only Kids Knew How Bad Adults Are at Spotting Their LiesThis would’ve been nice to know a little earlier in life.
  44. What Happens When Black People Learn They Should Fear the PoliceA new study traces the effects of a vicious police beating on 911 calls, and suggests increasing distrust of the police can lead to bad consequences.
  45. the truth hurts
    This Is the Skinniest You’ll Be All Year, According to Rude StudyA pox on all holiday parties.
  46. Brain-Training Games Probably Don’t Work, So Here’s What to Do InsteadThere are ways to improve your cognitive functioning that do not involve staring at a screen.
  47. Why People Love(d) Power Posing: A Science of Us ConversationThis is a bomb going off in the center of the thought leadership–industrial complex.
  48. hunger games
    Hunger Might Be the Most Powerful Motivator on EarthIt’s stronger than thirst, fear, or social needs.
  49. mental health
    Your Hormonal Birth Control Could Be Making You DepressedA new study suggests that it might be.
  50. motivation
    What Separates Champions From ‘Almost Champions’?New research helps explain why some people keep going when others quit.
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