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  1. health
    80 Percent of Hospitalized Covid Patients Had Neurological Symptoms, Study FindsIn a study of hospitalized patients, nearly one-third experienced an altered mental state associated with worse medical outcomes.
  2. dogs
    All Dogs Deserve a Six-Inch VoiceA new study shows yelling at your pet can cause long-term psychological impacts.
  3. sexual health
    Is it Possible to Contract Gonorrhea From Making Out?A new study has some concerning findings.
  4. sexual harassment
    These Industries Have the Highest Reported Rates of Sexual HarassmentThey have received far less attention.
  5. good fat
    You Might Want to Start Eating More Fat and Fewer Carbs, According to a StudyThe study linked high fat intake to a lower risk of premature death.
  6. Here’s What Your Yawn Says About Your Brain SizeThe length of a yawn says a lot.
  7. sex
    Which Types of College Kids Sext the Most?A new study suggests it has to do with their “attachment style.”
  8. sexual health
    Unsafe Sex Fastest-Growing Concern for WomenNo glove, no love. 
  9. love and war
    Should We Teach Women Rape-Prevention Tactics?Yes, at the same time we teach men not to rape.
  10. study
    The Racial Wage Gap in Retail Is Atrocious Black and Latino salespeople earn 75 percent of what their white counterparts make, according to a new report.
  11. study
    Most Women Are Catcalled Before They Turn 17According to a new study, 84 percent of women first experience street harassment as minors.
  12. love bites
    No One Wants to Admit Their Relationship Isn’t Going AnywhereIn denial. 
  13. viewing habits
    Sexting Is Lose-Lose for Teen GirlsFrom a study called: “Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t … If You’re a Girl.”
  14. it’s science
    Is the Tequila Diet About to Become a Thing?Beats wheatgrass shots!