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    Ann Romney Was Holding Out on Us This Whole TimeThose FLORALS.
  2. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Designer of Choice, Alfred Fiandaca, Dies at 72 [Updated]He suffered a stroke on Saturday.
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    Ann Romney’s Concession Dress: Ending in RedOur final stump style post of 2012.
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    Ann Romney Put on Her Voting BootsBrown suede ones.
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    Ann Romney Versus Michelle Obama: Two Women, 30 DaysA review of their public appearances over the last month.
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    Katy Perry Endorses Obama With More SpandexSparkly Spandex, of course.
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    Isaac Mizrahi Is Willing to Dress Ann RomneyWell, then.
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    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Final Debate Outfits: An AnalysisThe Battle of the A-line Dresses.
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    Michelle and Ann’s Pink Debate Outfits: AnalysisThey’re both observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it would seem.
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    Jill Biden and Janna Ryan Exchanged an Awfully Painful HandshakeNo onstage hugs this time.
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    Q&A: Ann Romney’s Go-To Designer Alfred FiandacaMitt accompanies her on shopping trips sometimes!
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    Ann Romney’s Go-To Outfitter: Alfred FiandacaShe’s been buying his clothes for over a decade.
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    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Awkward Onstage Hug, in GIF FormSome grimacing, and a back pat.
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    Ann Romney and Michelle Obama’s Debate Outfits: An AnalysisMichelle repeated a Preen skirt suit, while Ann Romney wore Alfred Fiandaca.