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  1. influencer drama
    What’s This Drama About a Scientology Necklace on TikTok?Unpacking a recent prank by Frankie Jonas.
  2. stunts
    These Cursed ‘Satan Shoes’ Raised HellLil Nas X collaborated on a pair of sneakers that allegedly contain a drop of human blood.
  3. weddings!
    You Will Not Out-Instagram This Couple Who Got Married in MidairNicely done.
  4. did our invite get lost in spam?
    Rude That You Weren’t Invited to Help Eat This Mile-Long PizzaA gross oversight.
  5. stunts
    All the Ways You Can Live Like the KardashiansIn mind, body, and spirit.
  6. hoaxes
    Man Stages Abortion Hoax to Get People to Buy His NovelSounds like a winning strategy!
  7. stunts
    The 300 Sandwiches Woman Got Engaged at 257It’s a wrap. 
  8. stunts
    300 Sandwiches Couple Is 100 Out From Proposal And the gimmick is a third over.
  9. stunts
    Today in Offensive Fashion: Milan’s Gun-Themed ShowBy Philipp Plein.