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Style Evolution

  1. transformations
    Pharrell’s Weird Style Gets Weirder Every YearFrom Ice Creams to #PharrellHat, and so much in between. 
  2. inappropriate style icons
    An Ode to Michele Bachmann’s Flashy Political StyleCongress’s French manicure enthusiast won’t seek reelection.
  3. style evolution
    Fug Girls: The Fashion (and Star) History of Nicole RichieShe’s come a long way since her days on the farm.
  4. style evolution
    From Blog to Brawn: Perez Hilton’s Style EvolutionFrom big to buff to brainy.
  5. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls on Katy Perry’s Style EvolutionFrom awkward haircuts to glitter bombs, it’s all here.