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  1. best bets
    Best Bet: Stylemint Kane JacketA lightweight take on the motorcycle jacket for when leather feels too heavy.
  2. slash jobs
    You Can Soon Drape Yourself in Fabric, Just Like the Olsen SistersScarves! And they’re only $29.99 each.
  3. loose threads
    Oscar de la Renta’s New Kids’ Line; Wonderbra’s Bungee-Jumping Ad CampaignAlso, the college that banned skinny jeans has quickly reneged. 
  4. multitasking
    The Olsens Have Had a Busy WeekIt included planking, apparently.
  5. a dumb post i can’t deleteIt included planking, apparently.
  6. slash jobs
    Rachel Bilson Is Going to Design Shoes in the Same Way That the Olsen Twins Design T-ShirtsFor e-commerce group Beachmint.
  7. happy halloween
    The Olsen Twins Finally Dressed Up As Batman and CatwomanHaven’t you always wanted them to do this?
  8. first looks
    Exclusive Video: The Olsen Twins Give Styling Advice With Sara MoonvesIt’s the first of their new monthly “guest editor” series.