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  1. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Alexa Chung Won’t Give the Finger at LimAlso on good behavior: Leighton Meester, Lauren Conrad, and Olivia Thirlby.
  2. loose threads
    Talbots Struggles; Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Go Pantsless TogetherAlso, high-end watch companies feel the pinch and Geri Halliwell laments her American-flag bikini.
  3. celebrinterns
    Elle Has a Celebrity Athlete Intern NowHis name is Stew Bradley, and he plays football for the Eagles.
  4. fashion television
    Elle Is Trying to Get Onto More TV Shows and MoviesSee, ‘Stylista”s probably not coming back for a second season.
  5. fashion reality shows
    ‘Stylista’ Has More Than Twice As Many Viewers As ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’But still, many more people watch the new ‘90210’ and ‘Gossip Girl.’
  6. loose threads
    Ann Taylor Slashes Staff; Marion Cotillard’s Dior Ads DebutAlso, is Anne Slowey a fashion hypocrite?
  7. not on top
    Ratings for ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Stylista’ Sink This WeekBarack Obama’s infomercial is probably to blame.
  8. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: ‘Stylista’ Wears Its Awfulness WellThe mark of a good reality show is when you’re invested enough to want to slap at least one contestant and hug another, and ‘Stylista’ nailed that in the first ten minutes.
  9. varying shades of bad
    Our Early Thoughts on ‘Stylista’: It’s Not Tyra Banks’s Best WorkWe can’t decide if it’s guilty-pleasure-bad or just bad-bad, so here’s our case for both.
  10. loose threads
    Carine Roitfeld Wears Clothes Before They Hit the RunwayAlso a new ‘Stylista’ promo reveals very bitchy contestants, and Rodarte’s Kate Mulleavy names her dream model.
  11. fashion reality shows
    Unveiled: The Contestants of ‘Stylista’Occupations include “China Military Analyst.” Names include Cologne.
  12. cult of personality
    Nina Garcia Has Never Seen ‘Stylista’The ‘Runway’ judge and fashion editor gamely answered questions at Barnes & Noble last night to promote her new book.
  13. loose threads
    Dunzo: Theory’s Premise Line; Glimpse Jonathan Saunders’s Target LineAlso, sales of tennis clothes are up, get a free YSL tote bag next month, and ‘ANTM’ spoilers!
  14. run through
    The Meeting With Anna Wintour That Inspired ‘Stylista’’Vogue’ and ‘Project Runway’ never became bedfellows, but the meeting the reality show’s creator had with Anna Wintour gave us ‘Stylista.’
  15. loose threads
    Ad Pages Down at ‘Vogue’; Crocs Sues for CopyrightAlso, Anne Slowey’s assistants aren’t perfect, Anna Wintour awaits two new babies, and Agyness Deyn sings at a big music festival.
  16. loose threads
    Couture Shows Kick Off Today; Alexander McQueen to D.J.Get psyched for Galliano’s Dior show and Lagerfeld’s Chanel show. Plus, Alexander McQueen will guest D.J. on Nick Knight’s site, and a new fashion intern reality show is casting.
  17. party lines
    Our Heat-Wave Moment With Anna WintourLast night we boldly approached Her Bob-jesty for an interview at the MoMA party. And she said more than one word to us!
  18. fashion yearbook
    Fancy People Theme It Out for the Toga PartyThe New York City Ballet held a party with toga-themed dress the other night. And people actually dressed accordingly! We judge a few of their frocks.
  19. run through
    ‘Elle’ Staffer Already Embarrassed to Appear on ‘Stylista’She was turned into a caricature of herself for the program and has decided to set the record straight before the show even airs.
  20. first looks
    Why We’re Embarrassed for ‘Elle,’ Anne Slowey, and ‘Stylista’Last night we got a sneak peak of the new ‘Elle’ reality show, ‘Stylista.’ And we fear it won’t be good for the magazine or the show’s star, editor Anne Slowey.
  21. loose threads
    Vanessa Paradis Nabs Miu Miu; ‘Stylista’ Anticipation BeginsVanessa Paradis will replace Kirsten Dunst as the face of Miu Miu; ‘America’s Next Top Model’ lands another season, as the lead in to the CW’s new fashion-assistant reality show; and Jessica Stam explains the whole D.J. thing.