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  1. fashion
    Stylist Karla Welch Wants to Make You Feel SomethingShe goes beyond the “Best Dressed” list to style some of the Cut’s favorite women (plus Justin Bieber).
  2. stylists
    The YouTube Beauty Expert Who Re-creates Ancient Roman HairMeet Janet Stephens, hairdresser-archaeologist.
  3. payouts
    How Much Are Celebrities Paid to Wear Dresses? A stylist broke down the figures for us at this weekend’s Vulture Festival.
  4. fun things to do!
    Don’t Miss Tavi Gevinson at This Weekend’s Vulture FestivalPlus: Jill Kargman, Brad Goreski, and more, all in conversation with the Cut’s editors.
  5. breakups
    Anne Hathaway and Rachel Zoe Are OverAfter a decade of pretty, almost-edgy dresses, and two poky Prada boob-darts. 
  6. meet the new app
    PS Dept: A New App That Claims to Be ‘the Genius Bar for Fashion’A new app allows you to text a store instead of actually walking in. 
  7. costume department
    Decoding the Campy, Disheveled Girls PosterA Rorschach test through formalwear.
  8. carlyne!
    Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele: ‘I Am a Legend’Also, that one time she made Blake Lively wear a leather miniskirt.
  9. dramz
    Drake Sued by StylistFor $76,490.
  10. side-butt
    Gwyneth’s Stylist on Side-Butt Dress: ‘Elegant,’ ‘Daring in a No-Daring Way’Says sheer dress was “our first choice.”
  11. quotables
    Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele on Uggs: ‘I Love These Things’“I don’t care!”
  12. bananas
    Rachel Zoe Is THR’s Third Most Powerful StylistJulianne Moore’s stylist Leslie Fremar took the top spot.
  13. tastemakers
    Marie-Amélie Sauvé on Nicolas Ghesquière’s Next MoveThe super-stylist talks to the Cut about leaving Balenciaga, working with Kristen Stewart, and guest-editing a new magazine.
  14. collaboration station
    See the Kate Young for Target Ad CampaignIt’s set on a faux red carpet.
  15. collaboration station
    Kate Young, Natalie Portman’s Stylist, Gets Target LineThe celebrity stylist gets her own collection.
  16. carine!
    Will Carine Roitfeld Join Alexander Wang at Balenciaga? [Update]Alas, the rumor is false.
  17. q&a
    How KStew’s Stylist Got the Star to Wear Gowns“She’ll always change into her Converse by halfway through a carpet, which is to be expected at this point, but she puts on the heels for me for the photos.”
  18. look book
    The Caroline Sieber Look BookCharting the Austrian stylist’s fashion evolution through the years.
  19. quotables
    Blake Lively Has Only One Fashion RegretAnd even that’s not really her fault, you see.
  20. tastemakers
    Melanie Ward Hates Trends, Doesn’t Consider Herself a MinimalistThe style icon recalls the glory days of grunge and talks about her lingering boot obsession.
  21. stylists
    THR Thankful Someone Helps Celebs Get DressedThe magazine names its top stylists.
  22. first looks
    First Looks: Katie Baron’s Stylists“Putting a really great dress on somebody on a catwalk is not the same as doing something in the fashion editorial world.”
  23. campaign trail
    Spring Ads: Terry Richardson for Just CavalliAlso, see new shots of Abbey Lee and Karmen Pedaru for Gucci.
  24. reality television feuds
    Does Rachel Zoe Expect Brad Goreski’s New Show to Fail?One little retweet might just suggest so.
  25. styling in action
    Theory’s Insider Looks Now Include VideosWho needs one stylist when you can have seventeen?
  26. fashion goddesses
    Marc Jacobs’s Stylist Venetia Scott Explains How Advertisers Can Ruin Her Work“The power of advertising is that if you don’t do it in the way that they want you to shoot it then the magazines become scared that they’ll lose the cash.”
  27. summing up the decade in every imaginable term
    10 Editor Slams Celebrity Styling“In terms of credibility, that’s something you just don’t want to become.”
  28. loose threads
    Fashion Week’s Hot New Venue; the Fur RequiemPlus: Wintour’s unauthorized biographer has a new target, and now celebrity stylists are getting in on the designer action.
  29. loose threads
    Actors’ Strike Threatens Stylists; Agyness Deyn Strip-SearchedAlso Richie Rich wins a $2 million lawsuit, and Jessica Stam’s boyfriend might go to jail.
  30. shameless consumerism
    Will ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ See a Second Season?Nothing’s been confirmed, but Zoe’s prepared for any negative press that might come with it.
  31. tears of fashion
    On the Matter of a Tearful Rachel ZoeChin up, Rach! You’ve got a reality show!
  32. party lines
    Cattrall Does Her Best Patricia Field ImpersonationWe didn’t know Pat used the word fierce!
  33. political style
    Sarah Palin Has a Secret Team of StylistsAnd they made her spend $2,500 on a Valentino jacket!
  34. other critics
    Presenting the World’s Most Accurate Review of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’Hadley Freeman perfectly sums up what’s so irritating about Rachel Zoe’s new reality show.
  35. annals of zoe
    Rachel Zoe on the ‘Today’ ShowThe stylist stopped by to talk about her new show and to address those pesky issues surrounding her supposed penchant for the skinny.
  36. party lines
    How Phillip Bloch Came Between Keisha Whitaker and the Balenciaga GladiatorsThe starlet really wanted a pair, until the stylist convinced her otherwise.