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  1. lunchtime beauty
    The Fanciest Hand Sanitizer in the WorldIt smells like suede.
  2. this plus that
    How to Wear ’70s-Style High-Waisted JeansAnd not look like you’re wearing a Jane Birkin costume.
  3. ooh suede
    20 Suede Pieces You’ll Want to Wear All SpringThings are looking bright. 
  4. trends
    Trend Report: What You’ll Be Wearing Next SpringIt’s not too soon to be thinking of these things.
  5. look of the day
    Dakota Fanning Wore Red Suede FringeOn trend.
  6. you need this
    Two Sprays to Protect Your Shoes All Winter LongMake those fancy boots last years!
  7. Wish List: Aquazzura’s Lace-Up BootieTake-no-prisoner shoes.
  8. castoffs
    Suede Bolsters ‘Runway’ Fame, Explains the Third-Person ThingHe’s got a neat new Website and doesn’t understand why everyone cares about his grammar.
  9. party lines
    Is Suede’s Third-Person Shtick Just an Act?We bumped into the blue faux-hawker and were amazed at how quickly he dropped the third-person. What gives, Suede?
  10. run through
    Suede’s Winning ‘Project Runway’ Dress Sold Out in Less Than a DayHe’s celebrating by referring to himself ecstatically in the third person, of course.