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Suicide Prevention

  1. science of us
    My Life As a Suicide Text Line VolunteerAs told by a 20-something graduate student.
  2. loss
    A Mother Considers Her Son’s Final ThoughtsAnd a type of suicide we don’t fully understand.
  3. science of us
    If You Think a Friend Might Be Suicidal, AskDon’t let your anxiety or worries about triggering someone hold you back.
  4. transgender rights
    LGBTQ Suicide Hotline Reports a ‘Dramatic Spike’ in Calls From Transgender YouthThe contacts increased after Trump’s anti-trans military tweets.
  5. An Unusual Anti-Suicide Partnership Targeting Gun Shops Is Ramping UpIt will be a while before we have any data on its effectiveness, but this looks like a smart harm-reduction program.