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Suicide Squad

  1. now smell this
    Margot Robbie on Harry Potter and Not Taking Jared Leto’s Scent SuggestionsGuess which house she’s in.
  2. the blow up
    Suicide Squad Star Karen Fukuhara on Fighting for Her CareerMetaphorically and literally.
  3. Jared Leto Is ‘Sorry’ for Ruining Your Meme“Perception versus reality.”
  4. A History of Jared Leto’s Personal StyleHow he went from flannel to Gucci.
  5. hot shot
    Ben Affleck Caught With His Pants DownThe actor had a fly issue at Suicide Squad’s London premiere. 
  6. Margot Robbie, Rogue Tattoo Artist Future Ink Master?
  7. viola davis
    Viola Davis’s Reaction to Jared Leto Is All of UsThis joker.
  8. male gaze
    Scott Eastwood (and His Abs) May Save the WorldThe Suicide Squad actor on his exercise routine and his mission to save the ocean’s declining tuna populations.
  9. hot shot
    Jared Leto’s Green Hair Tests the Limits of Our LoveWhy, Jared?
  10. mactresses
    Cara Delevingne Is Becoming a SuperheroShe was just cast in the comic-book movie Suicide Squad.