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Summer Beauty

  1. we tried this
    5 Women Test Out Lululemon’s New Moisturizer for Sweaty FacesOver the course of one incredibly sweaty week.
  2. let’s makeup
    7 Ways to Stop Your Makeup From Melting in a Heat WaveBecause it’s so sweaty outside.
  3. obsessive tester
    These 6 Self-Tanners Are the Best for a Believable TanYou can spray, rub, and even wipe on your most natural fake tan.
  4. obsessive tester
    5 Face Self-Tanners That Impart a Believable GlowHow to not look like a splotchy giraffe.
  5. walking on the shady side of the street
    Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen From an AussieWhat growing up in Australia, the driest continent on the planet, taught me about sunscreen.
  6. how to be flawless
    How 7 Models Hide Sweat in the Summer“A few hot men fanning me with a bamboo leaf. Half-naked, preferably.”
  7. obsessive tester
    Best Leg Makeup for a Sunless Summer GlowNo real tan, no problem. 
  8. it’s getting hot in here
    How to Wear Makeup Even When You’re MeltingSave face.
  9. best bet
    A Non-Greasy Lipstick to Wear at the BeachSummer daze. 
  10. heatwave beauty
    How to Get Summery, Popsicle-Stained LipsThe look of cherry popsicle.
  11. lab rat
    Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Tanner Is Surprisingly SubtleAs long as you apply it with a mitt. 
  12. get up in there
    8 Perfect ‘Skin’ Scents for Hot Summer LoveYour skin, but better.
  13. Why You Need to Start Using Japanese Body WipesA little post-commute towel-down does the body good. 
  14. obsessive tester
    The 5 Best Sunscreens You Need This SummerAnd three to skip. 
  15. obsessive tester
    Is Your Face Wash Killing This Dolphin?Try these exfoliators that do not contain microbeads. 
  16. obsessive tester
    How to Stop Your Face From Shining Without Using PowderBecause mature and ma-ture are two very different things.
  17. fragrant friday
    Now You Can Smell Like an Overgrown GardenLe Labo’s new collaboration with florist Thierry Boutemy is refreshingly different. 
  18. best bets
    This Waterproof Lipstick Will Last You for HoursPerfect for underwater follies.
  19. obsessive tester
    9 Perfect Lip Colors for the BeachDon’t become a Venus flytrap for sand and hair. 
  20. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Do You Need a BB Cream for Your Legs?A tanner and skin corrector, all in one. 
  21. a mermaid’s tale
    A Real-Life Mermaid’s Waterproof Beauty SecretsA lady with a fin tells us about the best mascara under the sea.
  22. summer beauty
    Ten Summer Beauty Must-Haves Recommended by Makeup Artists How the experts look good in this godforsaken heat.
  23. summer beauty
    We Pick Our Favorite Nail Polish Combos for Summer Matching is overrated at this moment.