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Summer Sex Week

  1. shut it down
    20 Sexy Freakum Dresses to Wear NowDo as Queen Bey says.
  2. identifying that post-coital sparkle
    Can You Tell If These Men Just Had Sex? A GIF QuizA facial-expression test. 
  3. let’s get it on
    50 Sexy Summer Songs to Get You in the MoodBow chicka wow-wow.
  4. men with softees
    Men Get So Excited About Their Ice Cream!A portrait series we will affectionately call “Men With Softees.”
  5. trading in cliches
    22 Ways to Show Sex Without Actually Showing ItDon’t worry; they’re definitely SFW.
  6. get up in there
    8 Perfect ‘Skin’ Scents for Hot Summer LoveYour skin, but better.
  7. come hither
    14 Sexy, Daring Pieces to Try This SummerBedroom eyes not included.
  8. true stories
    10 Awkward, Nostalgic Stories of Summer-Camp Sexual AwakeningsSkinny-dipping, vagina-shaving, and orgasms on horseback.