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  1. overexposed
    Kim Kardashian Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Sunburn With Another SunburnThe queen of awkward sunburns.
  2. science of us
    Is Becoming a Hermit the Only Way to Avoid Sunburn?Tips on having a life in the sun.
  3. You’re Probably Missing This Spot When You Put on SunscreenNew research shows that most people don’t cover 100 percent of the face.
  4. ouch
    This Sexy Photo of Alexander Skarsgård Is an Important PSA for SunscreenThat’s got to hurt.
  5. protect yo’self!
    Q&A: A Dermatologist Explains Sun Damage, Vitamin D, and CancerPlus, “What’s the best sunscreen product for my scalp and hair?” and other questions.