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Super Bowl 2018

  1. super bowl 2018
    Kris Jenner Face-Planted at Chrissy Teigen’s Super Bowl PartyAnd left a “very valuable” makeup stain on Teigen’s couch.
  2. jennifer lawrence is a real girl
    Jennifer Lawrence Takes Over Plane Loudspeaker for Eagles Chant“This is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence.”
  3. cheerleader in chief
    Trump’s Super Bowl Party Looks Extremely AwkwardThere were a lot of cheerleaders.
  4. appreciations
    Youse Gotta See This Eagles Fan’s Instagram AccountNobody is more excited for the Super Bowl than Aunt Terri.
  5. what
    How Do We All Feel About Tom Brady Kissing His Son for a Weirdly Long TimeUhhhhh.