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  1. helpful tools
    Here’s the Perfect Video for the Week Leading Up to the ElectionA Hulk smash in video form.
  2. brain-dead fortnight
    Sit Back, Relax, and Watch Our Vocal-Fry Supercut“Uhhhhhh.”
  3. supercut
    The Most Extreme Movie Mall Moments on FilmMay your Black Friday be nothing like this.
  4. Find a Staircase and Freakum Dress, You Just Had a Movie MakeoverUgly ducks transformed into swans from Cinderella, Clueless, The Breakfast Club, and beyond.
  5. helpful tools
    Watch Our Supercut of Gloriously Angry WomenA Hulk smash in video form.
  6. 64 seconds of bliss
    Watch the Most Clinical Sex Supercut From Masters of SexIncluding a cameo from a medically designed dildo.
  7. supercuts
    Every Time Someone Says ‘Make Love’ in a Woody Allen MovieMaybe he’s to blame for keeping this god-awful phrase in common parlance.
  8. prom gone wrong
    Watch a Supercut of Pop Culture’s Best PromzillasIt’s just prom. Just prom?!
  9. gratuitous male objectification week
    Matthew McConaughey Takes His Shirt Off: The SupercutHollywood’s most shirtless man, shirtless again. And again.