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  1. science of us
    Everyone Is Probably Getting Enough ProteinThere’s no need to supplement.
  2. Poison Control Centers Are Getting Tons of Calls About Dietary SupplementsMost of the calls are about young children.
  3. swellness
    Will Goop’s New Vitamins Save Us All?An in-depth interview about supplements and wellness with one of Goop’s favorite doctors, Dr. Alejandro Junger.
  4. swellness
    Can Serenol, a Bee-Pollen Supplement, Cure PMS?“I am officially perimenopausal.”
  5. risky business
    Dietary Supplements Are Shadier Than We ThoughtResearchers estimate that they send 23,000 people to the ER each year, and that’s low-balling it.
  6. wellness theories
    How a Famous Skin-Care Expert Fights AgingDr. Nicholas Perricone on exercise and vitamins.
  7. shocking new information
    Herbal Supplements: Just Tiny Capsules of DeceptionThe New York State attorney general’s office accuses four national retailers of selling fraudulent pills. 
  8. hazardous herbs
    Shady Drugs Found in Shady Diet DrugsDiet supplements contain amphetamine-like substances, scientists say.
  9. health
    Herbal Supplements Are Often Just Made of Rice and Empty PromisesA bottle of St. John’s wort actually contained rice and an Egyptian shrub known to be a powerful laxative. Enjoy!