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Supreme Court

  1. cheerocracy
    Supreme Court Weighs In on Cheerleader UniformsThe result could have a big impact on fashion.
  2. reproductive rights
    What’s at Stake in Today’s Supreme Court Abortion Case It’s the first time the Supreme Court has heard an abortion case in almost ten years.
  3. shmashmortion
    Anti-Abortion Texas Lawmaker Has No Idea How Abortion WorksAs Samantha Bee helpfully explains to him.
  4. women’s health
    Women Tell Abortion Stories to Supreme CourtThe women are hoping to sway Justice Kennedy’s decision in a big case on Wednesday.
  5. shmashmortion
    The Supreme Court Will Hear A Challenge to Texas Abortion LawThe law could leave the state with only 10 abortion clinics.
  6. marriage equality
    The Unexpected Personal Connection Behind the DOMA DecisionIn an excerpt from her new memoir, lawyer Roberta Kaplan describes how she first crossed paths with Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer.
  7. land of the free
    Lame U.S. Constitution Doesn’t Even Protect Sex PartiesWhat’s the First Amendment even for, anyway?
  8. shmashmortion
    SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks Closing of Texas Abortion Clinics The Court issued a stay on the new law that would effectively shut down half of the state’s abortion clinics.
  9. interview
    Now Is a Good Time to Feel Optimistic About Marriage EqualityTalking with Jim Obergefell, the man behind the historic SCOTUS case.
  10. justice league
    The Supreme Court Rules That Abercrombie Engaged in Religious Discrimination The decision passed with an 8–1 vote.
  11. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnant WorkersIt’s a partial victory, but an important step.  
  12. fashion gets serious
    The Supreme Court Heard Abercrombie’s Discrimination Case TodayThe retailer defended its controversial “look policy.”
  13. watch
    Birth Control Hits the Supreme Court Next WeekAnd it’s worse than you thought.
  14. shmashmortion
    Why the Abortion Pill Didn’t Change EverythingStill controversial, still painful, and still misunderstood by even pro-choice women.
  15. toxic relationships
    Is This Woman a War Criminal or a Regular Old Jilted Wife?The Supreme Court will decide.
  16. platonic flirtations
    President Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Have Adorable BromancePlus: How the First Lady convinced the president to quit smoking.
  17. freedom of and from religion
    New Birth-Control Mandate Already Supreme Court–BoundWe hardly knew ye.
  18. old justices
    Times Slams Romney-Ryan’s Abortion Stance“Some women would die.”
  19. nice things
    Supreme Court Won’t Fine CBS Over Janet JacksonMemories.
  20. infamy
    Supreme Court Cites Nicole Richie’s Prada PurseHistory in the making.