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  1. l’amour
    Why This Couple Got Married in a BathroomThe loo of love.
  2. surprises
    White House Doctor Says Man Who Hates Exercise, Loves McDonald’s Is HealthyThe results from the president’s physical are in.
  3. unexpected things
    Canada Goose Protesters Crashed Amy Schumer’s Book Launch“Fur trade, death trade!”
  4. surprises
    Hard to Believe Blake Shelton Tweeted Racist JokesTweets from his past are coming back to haunt him.
  5. surprises
    Lena Dunham Publishes Diary for CharityThe surprise book drop is here.
  6. babies
    You Probably Won’t Have an Oversize BabySo think twice about that planned C-section.
  7. surprises
    Historically Terrible Bachelor Juan Pablo Is Single Once AgainYou don’t say.
  8. showdowns
    LVMH Got Its Hands on More Hermès SharesJust when Hermès thought they were safe.
  9. surprises
    LVMH Managed to Buy More Hermès SharesDespite all of Hermès’s efforts to prevent it.