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  1. q & a
    Ling Ma Transcends the GimmickThe author’s new short-story collection, Bliss Montage, is a Surrealist exploration of anxiety and pleasure.
  2. book reviews
    The Queer Surrealism You’ve Been Waiting ForFuture Feeling explores the nonlinear aspects of transitioning, capsizing the very ideas of queer admiration and envy along the way.
  3. finer things
    A Surreal Take on Holiday JewelryBaubles for your face.
  4. gallery
    Elsa Schiaparelli and the Many Artists She InspiredA new book by André Leon Talley, Suzy Menkes, and Christian Lacroix.
  5. gallery
    Take a Strange, Surreal Trip Through Some of Pre-Fall’s Most Interesting LooksCreative layering, whimsical face painting, and more.
  6. paternity
    The Salvador Dalí Paternity Case Proves That Drama Doesn’t End at DeathA judge has ordered that Dalí’s body be exhumed.
  7. the science of dreams
    How the Surrealists Harnessed Their Dreams and Made the World Way WeirderWhy wouldn’t you want to use your unconscious for your art?
  8. surrealism
    Smoking in the Girls’ Room With Courtney LoveOur memorable one-night stand with the consummate bad girl.